1 child in every UK classroom under the age of 16 has been bereaved of a parent or sibling

44,000 children are bereaved of a parent annually in the UK

This year this number is set to rise

About Children's Grief Awareness Week

Now in its sixth year Children’s Grief Awareness Week UK, founded by leading childhood bereavement charity Grief Encounter,  is designed to raise awareness of bereaved children and young people in the UK, and how providing those affected with free, professional support can make the world of difference to their future. Organisations and charities across the UK will be showing solidarity with grieving children, young people and their families in their community; raising awareness of their needs and how to help.

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'Lost for Words' - part of the CGAW 2019 Campaign

Charity Partners

Grief Encounter is delighted to be teaming up with the Childhood Bereavement Network and member services across the UK to plan the Week.


The Week will start with Children’s Grief Awareness Day on 19th November 2020, a global day designed to help us all become more aware of the needs of grieving children — and of the benefits they obtain through the support of others.


Initiated by the Highmark Caring Place in 2008, the Day is now supported by organisations across the US through the National Alliance for Grieving Children: Child Bereavement Network’s equivalent body there, and is spreading across the world. The day is always held on the Thursday before Thanksgiving in the US.





Children's Grief Awareness Week 2020

Reeps One

Hussain Manawer

This year, we have found ourselves in unprecedented times, experiencing #isolation as a nation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


250,000 people across the UK will be affected by grief as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and faced with a multitude of extra challenges that social regulations have caused, including self-isolation and bereavement restrictions.


The feeling of isolation experienced via grief, is now something that people across the nation may understand. They may have experienced their own grief due to being isolated, or found their grief journey interrupted and even going backwards because of the restrictions. Thousands of people have experienced bereavement without being able to be with their loved ones, not being able to have a funeral, or only being able to seek comfort with limited family members.


Working with the amazing Hussain Manawer, prominent spoken word artist, alongside two young men who have both been bereaved of a parent, we are proud to launch a new short film with a bespoke spoken words piece for Children’s Grief Awareness Week, highlighting the moments that bring isolation. Hussain has worked with real stories from bereaved young people to bring the piece to life.


We will also be working with world-renowned voice artist Reeps One, discovering how we can use our voices to talk up and shout loud about our grief and isolation. We hope to encourage children and young people, both bereaved and not, to speak up, and #saythewords  – even if they think they don’t know what to say.



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How can you get involved?


- Contact us training@griefencounter.org.uk to talk about how we can help encourage conversations about grief and isolation, raising awareness in your school, college or organisation.


- Contact us for your free lesson plan at clinical@griefencounter.org.uk and for more information on how to work with students in creating their own spoken word or poetry.


- Share our films and information on social media, on your personal or business Instagram and Facebook pages


- Shout about members services and encourage your school, university or workplace to speak up about Children’s Grief Awareness


- Tell children and young people, that you know may be suffering with grief, about Grief Encounter’s national free and confidential helpline, grieftalk – open weekdays, 9am – 9pm 0808 802 0111





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